Above Ground Pool Buying Guide

It’s a known fact that above ground swimming pools are more cost-effective and definitely more versatile than the traditional in-ground pools. However, it is important that you don’t get carried away by buying in an over the top way. Make a smart decision that fits your established budget and that meets your needs at the same time. Well, it’s easier said than done, since you will need to review customer testimonials, comments, experts’ opinions, the features, manufacturer, so on and so forth. Hopefully this guide will make your life easier by presenting the main considerations you should account for when looking for your dream pool.

Above ground pool buying guide

Above Ground Pool Buying Guide

What Do You Truly Need?

The numerous features and characteristics incorporated in the latest above ground swimming pools can make the process of selecting an appropriate pool overwhelming. However, if you could figure out what you are really looking for in a swimming pool, you can actually make your life easier. Here is a list of questions you should answer in order to figure out what you are looking for in a best above ground swimming pool:

Are you looking for something permanent or a pool that you can set up and swim in the same day?
Would you like to landscape the area around the swimming pool?
Do you intend to use it the entire summer or do you need a small fixture where you can relax from time to time?
Do you want a pool that can withstand the harsh elements or something that you can easily set up and take down?

Above ground swimming pool buying guide

Tips on How to Find The Ideal Venue for Your New Pool

Once you and your loved ones come to a conclusion regarding the function of your new above ground swimming pool, the next step implies finding the perfect spot in the backyard to place it. As the swimming pool constitutes a location where they can relax and cool off, the vast majority of people prefer placing them in shady and windy areas.

However, take note that the areas under the trees can have an impact on the water’s temperature as well as increase the amount of leaves and debris accumulations. In regards to the drafty locations in your backyard, it is necessary to mention that the wind blowing over the pool will significantly increase the water evaporation and decrease the temperature.

Most agree that a good place for a pool is a shady area that acts like a wind breaker. Essentially, the simplest way to attain shade and wind breaking capabilities is to build a small shed around the pool. This will not only reduce the exposure to UV rays while in the pool, but will also guarantee the pool’s equipment is protected from the elements. In addition, the shed provides sufficient room for pool accessories and entryways, such as decks, slides, patios, etc.

How Big Should My Above Ground Pool Be?

Before you take out the measuring tape, take a look at your back garden and decide if it is better suited for an oval or round shaped swimming pool. This decision is usually based on the size of the yard: round shaped pools are ideal for large yards with sufficient space, whereas the oval pools work best in narrow or elongated gardens.

After determining the shape, you can measure the available space for a pool: place a pole in the middle of the designated location and attach the measuring tape to it; then simply walk around it and write down the measurements up to the fence and the location where the edges of the pool should be. On a side note, because there are numerous pool sizes and prices available, you can simplify your task of searching for an above ground swimming pool by only looking for one or two pool dimensions.

What Materials Should The Swimming Pool Be Made of?

In general, the above ground swimming pools are available in three types of materials, each with its own advantages and setbacks:

The main benefits of aluminum pools include high durability, rust and corrosion proof as well as great flexibility. However, it is best to avoid purchasing cheap models, as they are more fragile to harsh weather conditions.
The steel above ground pools have the advantage of great structural stability. On the other hand, unless you purchase a steel pool with several coating layers – preferably in galvanized zinc – you will have a lot of trouble with corrosion, rust and replacing parts.
Resin Plastic
While the resin plastic pools provide many benefits in terms of longevity, most models do not include UV protection coating, meaning that they will develop cracks, wraps, flaks, etc
The Difficulty of Installation

Even though you are purchasing an above ground swimming pool, that does not automatically entail that you can just assembly it and fill it with water. Depending on the manufacturer, some pools might require calling in a professional to help you with the installation. It is important to note that not following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter may void the warranty. In addition to assembling the components, the installation of an above ground swimming pool also implies:

Making sure you respect the local regulations and codes regarding above ground pool (certain above ground pools require a permit)
Ensuring the package came with all the parts listed by the manufacturer
Removing the sod from the area where you will place the pool
Leveling the ground

Above Ground Swimming Pool Packages

Unless you owned an above ground swimming pool before, acquiring a complete pool package comprising of chemical testing and maintenance kits is mandatory. Nowadays, manufacturers provide standard pool packages with different upgrades and extras, typically classified as silver, gold or platinum level. This detail is especially important when you are comparing prices, as the extras included are a great way to determine the true value of the pool.

The vast majority of above ground pools retailers will include a small sand filter, pool cleaning kit, a liner, a frame ladder and a pump in the basic package. If you feel that is not enough, then you can opt for upgrades such as DE filtration system, automatic pool vac, automatic cleaner, special lighting, etc.

In Conclusion

Basically, the search for the perfect above ground pool should start by determining what you really need and expect. Once you figured these important details out, the decision regarding the size, shape, materials, installation process, equipment and accessories will be a lot easier. The bottom line is that if you go through the aforementioned steps systematically as well as keep your budget and family’s needs in mind, you can be certain to make a great investment that you and your loved ones will enjoy for the many years to come.